Ron Hyman | Executive Director, EngineeringCAS
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New Liaison-powered Centralized Application Service (CAS™) drives awareness of graduate engineering programs

WATERTOWN, Mass. (June 19, 2017) – The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) has joined the growing list of professional and educational societies partnering with Liaison International to launch EngineeringCAS™, the first of its kind Centralized Application Service (CAS™) for graduate engineering programs. In an increasingly complex technological environment, students and faculty increasingly see the value of a graduate engineering degree for practice. However, many potential engineering graduate students are unaware of the breadth and extent of graduate programs tailored to meet the needs not only of future researchers, but also of commercial innovators, and those working at the interfaces of traditional disciplines.

“For ASEE members, EngineeringCAS simplifies the admissions process, ensuring that prospective students are aware of all of the programs available to them and making it easy to apply to those that will best help a student meet his or her goals,” shared Norman Fortenberry, Sc.D., executive director of ASEE. “In addition to its member benefit of freeing office staff to focus more on promoting student success, the new service will offer insight into enrollment trends and the changing demographics of our applicant pools. With EngineeringCAS, we’ll be better prepared to build a diverse class of students, attracting and retaining those with the unique perspectives that will solve society’s most pressing issues.”

Liaison has served the higher education market for over two decades by developing admissions solutions and services, customized by discipline, for over 35 professional associations and educational organizations. EngineeringCAS will draw upon the experience Liaison has gained to help prospective students discover all available graduate programs in their field so that they can make more informed decisions about where they choose to study. For participating programs, the new CAS will drive program awareness to expand applicant pools and eliminate the burdens of manual processing tasks so admissions offices can focus on making strategic admissions decisions to build a strong, diverse class.

“ASEE’s legacy of furthering engineering education is impressive. We’re excited to leverage what we’ve learned throughout the last two decades of serving higher education to empower this long-standing organization as it focuses on increasing program completion,” said George Haddad, founder and CEO of Liaison. “With ASEE’s direction, we’ll ensure that EngineeringCAS accelerates the profession’s goals and aspirations, providing proven software and services that contribute to evidence-based decisions.”

To learn more about how EngineeringCAS will offer value to ASEE members and their prospective students at no cost to participating programs, visit Liaison’s booth at the 2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition in Columbus, Ohio from June 25-28, 2017. You can also find additional information about the collaboration on the EngineeringCAS website.

Ron Hyman | Executive Director, EngineeringCAS

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