Ron Hyman | Executive Director, EngineeringCAS
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Graduate education in general, and engineering programs in particular, face unprecedented challenges in 2020 as public health, immigration and economic factors converge in a perfect storm that clouds the outlook for recruiting, admissions and enrollment.

In this on-demand Liaison User Conference virtual session, Thriving Together With EngineeringCAS: A Powerful Resource for Uncertain Times, engineering leaders from several graduate engineering programs share examples of how their institutions combine a community approach to applications with powerful data technology to meet and exceed their enrollment goals.

In addition, a virtual tour of the Liaison office shows how the company seamlessly maintains business continuity for partner institutions, even during the height of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Speakers include:

  • Norman Fortenberry, Sc.D., Executive Director, American Society for Engineering Education
  • Craig Downing, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Rose-Hulman University
  • David Poole, Director of Admissions, University of Miami College of Engineering
  • Tandilyn Morrel, Director, Graduate Programs, Texas A&M University College of Engineering

There is no cost to attend any of the 2020 Liaison User Conference virtual sessions and registration is open to everyone, so please watch Thriving Together With EngineeringCAS: A Powerful Resource for Uncertain Times and register now to attend all of the other conference sessions as well.

Ron Hyman | Executive Director, EngineeringCAS

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