A Letter from the Advisory Board Chair

Dr. Erick Jones,
George and Elizabeth
Endowed Full Professor
Associate Dean of Graduate Affairs
College of Engineering
Director RAID LABS,
University of Texas at Arlington

Since EngineeringCAS™ officially launched in early 2018, 16 engineering colleges and schools, representing over 650 engineering programs, have already joined the Centralized Application Service (CAS™). I agreed to volunteer and participate on the EngineeringCAS Advisory Board because I believe that EngineeringCAS is the future of engineering recruitment, for 3 key reasons:

  1. EngineeringCAS benefits engineering applicants. Today’s students are used to modern, user-friendly digital interfaces, and they expect status updates in real time. As a single portal for researching and applying to engineering graduate programs, EngineeringCAS helps meet those expectations, saving applicants time and effort by streamlining the process of discovering and applying to multiple programs.
  2. EngineeringCAS benefits engineering programs. A CAS helps expand participating programs’ applicant pools, providing insights into institutional and cross-discipline enrollment trends and helping programs deliver a more modern experience. At UTA, we joined EngineeringCAS because we need to attract the brightest minds to join us in tackling tomorrow’s challenging issues. We know top prospects won’t settle for what they perceive to be an outdated college, so we’re actively seeking robust tools — tools like EngineeringCAS — that help us communicate our dedication to innovation.
  3. EngineeringCAS benefits the engineering discipline as a whole. While both reasons I mentioned above contributed to UTA’s joining EngineeringCAS, I personally was inspired to become the chair of the EngineeringCAS advisory board for this reason: EngineeringCAS is more than just a recruitment tool for graduate education. It’s a way for us to take a more active role in shaping our 21st-century workforce. The CAS platform provides participating programs with a way to collaborate with one another to share best practices, and it provides an opportunity to invite industry to have a seat at the table as well.

In the coming years, EngineeringCAS will grow to have thousands of graduate engineering programs available for tomorrow’s engineers. I hope your school is there with us.

As you consider joining EngineeringCAS, please explore the resources available on this site. Take some time to learn more about the advisory board that’s guiding ongoing development of the CAS; see how the CAS integrates with existing systems on your campus; and learn more about the services team that sets Liaison apart in the admissions and recruitment technology space. If you have any questions about why or how to join EngineeringCAS, don’t hesitate to contact us.