A Letter from the Advisory Board Chair

Craig G Downing, PhD
Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning,
Department Head and Professor of Engineering Management
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Earning a graduate engineering degree is a difficult task in and of itself, and therefore, the graduate engineering admissions process should be simple. We owe it to our prospective students to streamline their first steps toward becoming tomorrow’s engineers. We, as institutions, will benefit not only those students but ourselves if we provide a clearcut way to expand their education and increase their marketability.

After being a member of the service for a full cycle, I wholeheartedly believe EngineeringCAS™ is that way.

The only Centralized Application Service (CAS™) for graduate engineering programs, EngineeringCAS is a powerful solution that far surpasses all existing engineering admissions systems. EngineeringCAS provides applicants with a user-friendly digital interface and access to nearly 1,000 graduate engineering programs, but it does more than just that. EngineeringCAS also offers engineering professionals a community in which they can learn from one another and share their own obstacles and successes as they work to better the engineering discipline as a whole.

I know the difference that EngineeringCAS can make because I’ve experienced firsthand the richness of data, ease of use and transparency that it provides. Now, as EngineeringCAS advisory board chair, I am thrilled to play a part in ensuring the platform connects the right students to the right programs at the right institutions with the ultimate outcome of positioning engineering students to be successful both academically and professionally.

As you consider becoming a part of the EngineeringCAS movement, please explore the resources available on this site. Pay close attention to the information about our advisory board as over the next few years, I’ll be collaborating with this group of your colleagues to ensure EngineeringCAS remains an invaluable part of the graduate engineering admissions ecosystem.

If you have any questions about why or how to join EngineeringCAS, don’t hesitate to contact the Liaison team or the advisory board.