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EngineeringCAS™ frees up staff to focus on more important admissions work

A recent Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) survey found that U.S. graduate programs received more than 2.1 million applications for admission for study beginning in Fall 2019. Engineering programs alone received more than 260,000. That’s a lot of applications to review.

Liaison’s integrated applicant services mean you can leave administrative tasks like transcript authentication, application completion verification and GPA calculation to EngineeringCASTM — the first and only Centralized Application ServiceTM for graduate engineering programs. The platform will also take care of test score evaluation.

Reducing the administrative workload means your staff is free to focus on more strategic admissions work and to work on building relationships with applicants. Getting to know individual students better and understanding their motivations and goals can help you better assess potential fit.

More data, faster processes

With EngineeringCAS, you can quickly determine which applications are complete and which require additional components, then send automated notifications to applicants, saving your admissions team time while moving students through the pipeline. You can also easily capture the data necessary for holistic review, allowing you to evaluate students across a broad range of variables. Reviewers can evaluate applications online, whenever and wherever it’s convenient. 

Multiple reviewers can access applications simultaneously, reducing bottlenecks and speeding time to decision.

Various deans, as well as associate directors of enrollment and operations at engineering schools and other academic programs, have estimated that Liaison’s CAS solutions have not only increased their applicant pools by more than 10%, but they’ve also reduced application review time by approximately 75%.

A change for the better

Matt Cipriano, former Associate Director of Enrollment and Education Operations at Weill Cornell Medicine, is in this group. Before implementing a CAS, the school’s application review process “literally took weeks on end, with people working 80 hours a week to prepare applications for review,” according to Cipriano. Once he joined a CAS, that changed for the better. “We didn’t have to spend that time processing applications to get everything where it need to be or sending requests for letters of recommendation out — all those things were handled by the software itself or by Liaison’s services team,” he explained.

Cipriano and his colleagues were thrilled that they “would end up with everything in hand immediately” and with WebAdMIT™, the robust admissions management software that serves as a backend of each CAS, centralizing the review process, there was no need to wait to collect and consolidate reviewer feedback either.

A multifaceted solution

EngineeringCAS offers engineering programs big-picture reporting capabilities through access to previously scattered information in a unified view; help programs raise awareness among an international applicant pool by adding their programs to a global platform; introduces a streamlined process that substantially cuts down on application review time and leverages partnerships that maximize diversity.

For applicants, the benefit is clear: EngineeringCAS facilitates their process for researching and applying to multiple programs of interest, offers a modern application experience that guides them through the application process and provides 24/7 access to real-time application status updates.

And for academic programs, EngineeringCAS is a risk-free proposition. The service is available at no cost to the programs themselves. This is the platform which will help you reach your enrollment goals, provide a better applicant experience, streamline your admissions process and build a better class. This is your vehicle for reengineering your admissions process to meet the shifting needs of your institution, and of the engineering field as a whole. Extend your reach to a broader applicant pool today with EngineeringCAS.

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Ron Hyman | Executive Director, EngineeringCAS

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