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The 3 Cs of Post-Pandemic Engineering Admissions



EngineeringCAS™ makes it easy to target best-fit applicants and quantify results

With today’s decentralized admissions process, big picture reporting can pose a challenge. Institutions looking to track engineering admissions and enrollment trends, both within a school itself and throughout the academic community, struggle to bring data from disparate sources into a single location to evaluate overall progress.

Yet information that previously required going to multiple colleagues and pulling from multiple solutions is now available in a unified view. EngineeringCAS™ — the first and only Centralized Application Service for graduate engineering programs — drives awareness of all of an institution’s engineering programs through a streamlined application process and communication tools.


  • enables targeted, personalized communications to potential applicants interested in your program;
  • decreases decision-making times by providing a processing team to scan transcripts and package application components as an extension of your school’s staff;
  • provides insight into enrollment trends and performance both on a specific campus and compared with other institutions through robust analytics and reporting tools.

When you join the EngineeringCAS community, you also have access to Liaison’s HigherYield™ solution, which combines ETS’s GRE® Search Service and TOEFL® Search Service with Liaison’s Enrollment Marketing Platform (EMP™) and campaign services. HigherYield provides access to a robust database of prospective applicants from around the world who have indicated an interest in advancing their studies.

Recruiters can select from a multitude of search criteria — such as demographics, geographic data, academic disciplines and test scores — to cost-effectively segment and launch campaigns to expand and diversify their applicant pools. As a result, HigherYield enables more effective utilization of GRE Search Service and TOEFL Search Service list purchases.

A Multifaceted Solution

EngineeringCAS offers engineering programs big-picture reporting capabilities through access to previously scattered information in a unified view; help programs raise awareness among an international applicant pool by adding their programs to a global platform; introduces a streamlined process that substantially cuts down on application review time and leverages partnerships that maximize diversity.

For applicants, the benefit is clear: EngineeringCAS facilitates their process for researching and applying to multiple programs of interest, offers a modern application experience that guides them through the application process and provides 24/7 access to real-time application status updates.

And for academic programs, EngineeringCAS is a risk-free proposition. The service is available at no cost to the programs themselves. This is the platform which will help you reach your enrollment goals, provide a better applicant experience, streamline your admissions process and build a better class. This is your vehicle for reengineering your admissions process to meet the shifting needs of your institution, and of the engineering field as a whole. Extend your reach to a broader applicant pool today with EngineeringCAS.

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Ron Hyman | Executive Director, EngineeringCAS

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