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EngineeringCAS™ puts your program on a global platform

The threat to international graduate student enrollment isn’t just a threat to diversity in the classroom environment — it’s a potentially severe blow to the ingenuity of the American workplace.

“We have a research engine that needs to be fueled, and that fuel is really our graduate students,” said Geraldine Richmond, a member of the National Science Board and chemistry professor at the University of Oregon. “So, as we continue to try to attract the best and brightest in our country, we also seek to attract the best and brightest from these other countries.”

Conveying the urgency of a possible domestic brain drain due to decreasing international student enrollment, Michael Morell, a founder of the tech recruiting firm Riviera Partners, said there are “more jobs than we can fill with the current slate of talent.”

A global platform for admissions

International enrollment also affects the educational and professional experiences of domestic students. As American and international engineering students alike prepare to enter a global economy, they only stand to benefit from exposure to peers from different cultures, societies and nations.

That’s precisely why today’s engineering schools need to be using a global platform for admissions, explained International Federation of Engineering Education Studies (IFEES) Secretary General Hans J. Hoyer, who also serves as Executive Secretary of the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC).

“It’s crucial that undergraduate and graduate engineering programs alike are aware of the groundbreaking tools Liaison is providing to expand their reach, including internationally, in the admissions process,” Hoyer said. “IFEES and GEDC are proud to partner with Liaison on helping engineering schools adapt to an evolving enrollment landscape.”

Raising international students’ awareness

Specifically, EngineeringCAS expands academic programs’ international reach by adding them to a global platform in which students can easily research their options, and then apply to one or multiple programs. It also eases international applicants’ process of filing required documents by partnering with leading providers of complementary technology, which work with Liaison’s admissions and enrollment management software and services to deliver a seamless experience for end users. That, in turn, raises international students’ awareness of American engineering schools’ new or longstanding programs.

“EngineeringCAS helps graduate programs have exposure to and awareness of a larger, more diverse pool of applicants domestically and internationally, with research aspirations that better align with the strengths of the programs,” said Thomas G. Loughlin, former executive director of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), a Liaison partner. “Through it, we’ll advance the discipline by driving awareness of programs and disseminating data that can be used to further evolve our field.”

A Multifaceted Solution

EngineeringCAS offers engineering programs big-picture reporting capabilities through access to previously scattered information in a unified view; help programs raise awareness among an international applicant pool by adding their programs to a global platform; introduces a streamlined process that substantially cuts down on application review time and leverages partnerships that maximize diversity.

For applicants, the benefit is clear: EngineeringCAS facilitates their process for researching and applying to multiple programs of interest, offers a modern application experience that guides them through the application process and provides 24/7 access to real-time application status updates.

And for academic programs, EngineeringCAS is a risk-free proposition. The service is available at no cost to the programs themselves. This is the platform which will help you reach your enrollment goals, provide a better applicant experience, streamline your admissions process and build a better class. This is your vehicle for reengineering your admissions process to meet the shifting needs of your institution, and of the engineering field as a whole. Extend your reach to a broader applicant pool today with EngineeringCAS.

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Ron Hyman | Executive Director, EngineeringCAS

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