Ron Hyman | Executive Director, EngineeringCAS
Is Your Engineering Program Aligned with the Right Partners?



EngineeringCAS removes the guesswork — and improves results  

Predicting your pipeline — i.e., using the most effective strategies at your disposal to identify, recruit, admit and enroll best-fit students cycle after cycle — is now more important than ever.

One such proven strategy is joining the EngineeringCASTM Community. EngineeringCAS is the first and only Centralized Application Service for graduate engineering programs.

Decades of success

Liaison has powered CASs for nearly three decades and currently serves over 31,000 programs at more than 1,000 colleges and communities of like-minded peers who share the same priorities, challenges and passion. They facilitate new collaborations that drive mutual success for all participating schools and applicants.

In addition to creating a community for higher education leaders, EngineeringCAS is a full service, web-based marketing and application platform that allows students to apply to as many programs at as many participating institutions as they’d like by submitting only a single set of application materials.

To help EngineeringCAS Community members build better pipelines, Liaison invests in initiatives to:

  • Reach applicants earlier
  • Engage applicants more often — and more effectively 

Simply put, EngineeringCAS Community members reach applicants earlier.

Traditionally, students enter your funnel when they visit your institution’s website. For members of the EngineeringCAS Community, Liaison expands their reach and widens the pipeline by incorporating a new first step: targeted advertising that attracts students before they decide to visit an institution’s website., a graduate program discovery portal independently generates and manages traffic to CASs and, by extension, to EngineeringCAS member programs. With the tagline, “ONE Application, Limitless Possibilities,” expedites students’ graduate school search by driving them to EngineeringCAS. In so doing, it creates an easily navigable pathway. Students can complete a single application in order to apply to all of their top-choice schools, submit one set of transcripts for all of their applications and access real-time application status updates. expands EngineeringCAS Community members’ reach while simultaneously making it easier for students to apply to their institutions and programs.

Omni-channel campaigns

Beyond, Liaison facilitates omni-channel campaigns that use all available forms of advertising — email, web, digital and print, to name a few — to reach the exact prospects EngineeringCAS Community members want in their classrooms. In addition to using Google and social platforms, we also run ads promoting EngineeringCAS — and therefore the programs listed in EngineeringCAS — on regional, international and industry-specific outlets.

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Ron Hyman | Executive Director, EngineeringCAS

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