Ron Hyman | Executive Director, EngineeringCAS
The Undergraduate to Graduate Connection: Establishing Programs to Boost Retention and Drive Enrollment



EngineeringCAS™ is a community of like-minded graduate engineering education leaders who work together to drive the industry forward. Through participating in the Centralized Application Service™ (CAS) Community, members gain access to:

  • Knowledge. The CAS for graduate engineering education programs features visual application and enrollment trend reports to facilitate strategic admissions decisions.
  • Connections. EngineeringCAS expands members’ applicant pools with branded program listings, multi-channel ads and targeted drive-to-apply campaigns.
  • Inspiration. CAS Community members learn what works — and what doesn’t — from peers who are facing the same obstacles and working toward similar goals.
  • Resources. The CAS Community regularly publishes magazines, ebooks and white papers and hosts focus groups, webinars and in-person events to facilitate the sharing of industry insights.
  • Support. The CAS technology is complemented by application processing services and applicant support that saves member institutions time on manual administrative tasks.

“The potential that I see in EngineeringCAS is almost limitless,” said David T. Poole, Director of Admission at the University of Miami’s College of Engineering. “It brings together all the aspects that you would need within enrollment management.”

EngineeringCAS at a Glance

Liaison’s Centralized Application Service (CAS) is an intuitive, flexible application with up-to-date, visual insights into application and enrollment trends that actively targets your best-fit students. Through discipline-specific microsites that efficiently and effectively broadcast your program, applicants can quickly find and apply to multiple best-fit graduate schools through a single platform.

With application processing and support services, CAS streamlines admissions, encourages application completion and provides institution–student connection throughout the entire process.

CAS also leverages the “power of partnership” with regular forums for the sharing of novel solutions and best practices in a mutually supportive environment.

“EngineeringCAS really took a lot of weight off our shoulders. Even despite COVID-19, our admission process didn’t slow down at all,” said Tandilyn Morrel, Director of Graduate Programs at Texas A&M University’s College of Engineering. “It was business as usual because our admission committees could continue to meet whether the faculty was on campus or working remotely. They could still evaluate and score applicants and continue the admission process. We were also able to reach out immediately to applicants in the CAS to convey pertinent information as well as to proactively address any concerns that they had.”

With EngineeringCAS, you can focus on what really matters: recruiting and engaging tomorrow’s engineering leaders.

This blog post was excerpted from Liaison’s “EngineeringCAS Overview,” which contains additional information about how EngineeringCAS helps graduate-level engineering programs attract and enroll best-fit students every cycle — at NO COST to participating institutions.

Ron Hyman | Executive Director, EngineeringCAS

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Focus on what really matters with EngineeringCAS

As a member of the EngineeringCAS community, you’ll gain new resources so you can focus on recruiting and engaging tomorrow’s engineering leaders.

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